We trace the portfolios of devs through different tools and analyzes if they have made a deposit to a Binance, Huobi, Coinbase, Kraken address

This is volunteer work, you can request a survey for free.

The results of our surveys will be published on our twitter site but also transmitted to trading platforms.

Of course we can not intervene in any case, only platforms with the identity of the people concerned can take action (blocking the fund, settlement agreement, complaint) we obviously have even less the possibility of reimbursing.

Please only report mats over $ 50,000. Underneath there is almost no chance that the trading platforms will have any chance. We are devoting our efforts to the bigger ones as a priority.

*Required   ** If you are not sure ; try to remember how much bnb, eth or other was left in liquidity before the rugpull. Do not confuse with the marketcap